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Gail was discussing the strategies on the CAFE Menu when Cindy, a second-grade teacher announced, "I could teach these skills and strategies if I only knew what you meant by each title. And how do I know my interpretation of the strategy is the same as my teaching partners? Wouldn't it be helpful to our students if we were using the same definitions and language?" Gail sat there, mouth slightly opened, speechless. Well, of course, that would be great, she thought, but who would write those lessons and would teachers really use them?

Cindy's thoughts have been reiterated by many of you all over the country, so we are pleased to introduce to you to the first Ready Reference Guide for the CAFE Menu. It isn't the one and only way to teach the lesson, but a quick jump start explaining the gist of the strategy. This Ready Reference Guide is a quick look at the essential components to teaching the Comprehension Strategy of Check for understanding; monitor and self-correct. Scroll down to the bottom of this page under Related Articles if you'd like to watch Joan and Janet teaching and modeling Check for understanding with a group of K-2 students. The article is titled "Check for Understanding–Whole Group Lesson".

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