From the Field—Teacher Space


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From the Field are candid, captured-in-the-moment classroom snapshots. 

Because of this, the pictures, video, and text will be raw and unedited.

You will see real life, real teachers, and real classrooms . . . We hope you find these helpful and inspirational.

Have you ever wished someone would come and help you with your room layout? These teachers in Michigan got just that. We spent the time learning the seven components of classroom design and then were welcomed into classrooms to give feedback and make a few changes.

The theme that resonated throughout our time was the Teacher Space. In this fast video, you can see us move the teacher desk from taking up a large portion of the class to finally resting up against the wall. Now it is multifunctional, used as a teaching place and also that place to drop-everything-and-I'll-come-back-later, space. Check out the before and after pictures. Can you see the difference?

Teacher desk before the move










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