Deepen Comprehension with Cause and Effect


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Gail uses a simple text with Brayden to model and explain the comprehension strategy Recognize and Explain Cause-and-Effect Relationships. Brayden is engaged, adding his own thinking and deeper meaning, which is a goal for each of our students.

Listen and Watch

  • As the conference closes, Gail anchors the strategy to the goal of comprehension and shares that we use this strategy to deepen our understanding of what we are reading.
  • What evidence do you see that shows Brayden understands the strategy?
  • What Touch Point would you give Brayden at the end of this video?


  • Gail leaves Brayden with an assignment: to look for examples of cause and effect in his own reading and contemplate how it helps with his understanding.
  • What would your next steps be with Brayden?

CAFE Essential Elements

  • 2.2 Instructional Protocol
  • 2.3 Instructional Practices
  • 2.4 Cognitive Process

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