A Compare and Contrast Activity


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Jeff Schultz opened his literacy block with a fun activity to get everyone thinking about comparing and contrasting.  He called Nahod up to the front of the room and invited the class to compare and contrast the two of them.  Students had to begin their observation by saying if their comment was a compare or a contrast.  Some of the comments follow:

  • Compare; you are both boys.  

  • Contrast; Mr. Schultz is tall and Nahod is shorter. 

  • Contrast;  Mr. Schultz has a beard and mustache and Nahod does not.

  • Compare; You are both wearing a shirt and pants.  

  • Contrast; Mr. Schultz has a gray shirt and Nahod has a blue shirt.  

It was quick, engaging, and helped prepare the students for the lesson to follow, which was to compare and contrast a story about the Orphan Train with a story of Michaela DePrince, a young woman who went from war orphan to teen ballerina. 

Jeff said this activity is quick, easy, and helps him assess how his students are progressing in their understanding.

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