Check for Understanding–Teach, Model, and Practice


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In this video Janet teaches, models, practices the strategy of Check for Understanding and then hands over the learning to Tucker, a first grade student. Watch the scaffolding Janet does with Tucker as she restates and rereads sentences with him. This is a strategy that was taught whole group but as you can see Tucker is just beginning to grasp the nuances of stopping and thinking about the who and the what.

Janet gives Tucker a visual reminder to practice this strategy. A very simple sticky note with a check drawn on it which he will stick into his book as a reminder to Check for Understanding. We have found ourselves creating elaborate visuals. When we saw Janet pull out a sticky note it caused us to reflect on what we choose to do with the valuable time we have during the day. Tucker was very happy with the sticky note and it accomplished the same task as an elaborate check mark. Something to think about!


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