Binder Clips to the Rescue


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We use shelves from School Outfitters in our classroom to store papers for each child. We call them mailboxes, because each cubby is “home” to a student for the year. After years of trying to find an efficient way to label each mailbox that didn’t require scraping off labels at the end of the year, I discovered a new solution. 

I’d love to share my secret with you. Use binder clips! I print tiny labels that fit on the ends of the clips and add a little sticker to each one to help the children recognize their mailbox. I then cover the labels and sticker with clear packing tape by wrapping the tape around the top and bottom edges. Next, I just affix the binder clips to the shelf for instant identification.

They look as good on the last day of school as the first. The day after school ends, I pull off the tape, and the top part of the label comes with it. It may leave the bottom layer of the label, but it doesn’t really matter, because you’re covering it up the next year. If you want to add a bit of color to your shelf, all you have to do is cut construction paper to size and use double-stick tape to attach the paper to the shelf. Presto—you’re finished!


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