The Daily 5 and CAFE Research Studies


Research Studies 

Examine a collection of 16 research studies investigating The Daily 5 and CAFE practices, strategies, and methods. Some studies are from graduate students and teachers. Others are from the public domain. 

These studies are independent of our involvement. They include experimental studies, quasi-experimental studies, and correlational studies. The white paper was a collaboration with The 2 Sisters designed to report the research base of the instructional approaches in The Daily 5.

There are ongoing studies by master’s students and doctoral candidates. We are frequently contacted to receive permissions, ask for assistance, and to inform us of their research. We are currently embarking on additional well-designed and well-implemented studies.

The White Paper

Effective Strategies for Teaching and Learning Independence in Literacy: The Daily 5 Structure, Buchan, Dr. J., 2016, Upper Iowa Univ, White Paper, 19 pp

Additional Studies

Combating Readicide, Stetler, J. 2017,  National University, National University, 24 pp. Master's Thesis.

The Impact of Daily 5 and CAFE Literacy Framework on Reading Comprehension in Struggling Fourth Grade Readers: A Case Study Duty, Dr. S.L., 2016 Portland St University Doctoral Dissertation

Teachers’ Perceptions of Intensive Professional Development on the Daily Five in Literacy Instruction: A Multiple Case Study Exploration, Hamilton, Dr. L.A., 2016, E Tenn State Univ, Doctoral Dissertation, 221 pp

Examining the Impact of Explicit Daily Five Instruction on Kindergartner’s Literacy Skills, Peters, M.J., 2015, E. Illinois University, Master's Manuscript, 32 pp

Improving Assessment Scores Through Daily 5 Math, Geloff, B., 2013, St Catherine University, Action Research-Math, 40 pp

The Effects of Choice On Young Children’s Reading Engagement and Stamina, Swanson, M., 2013, Univ of WI - River Falls, Master's Paper, 27 pp

Effective Math Instruction: Keeping Kids Engaged, Interested, Excited, and Learning! Limberg, J., 2012, Birnamwood SD, WI, Action Research - Math, 6 pp

The Effects of Using Various Grouping Techniques For Reading Instruction With a Class of Diverse Students, Cronin, J.L., 2012, State U of NY at Fredonia, Master's Project, 89 pp

Improving Student Reading Levels Through Literacy Workstations and Guided Reading, Eng, C., 2012, Drabek Elem School, Master's Thesis, 33 pp

Effects of Daily Read-Alouds on Students’ Sustained Silent Reading, Pegg, L.A. & Bartelheim, F.J., 2011, Univ of N Colorado, Action Research, 8 pp

The Effects of the Daily Five, Developed by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser, on Classroom Literacy Instruction, LaShomb, J.M., 2011, The College at Brockport, Master's Thesis, 76 pp

An Examination of The Daily Five and The CAFE Book for use in the Somerset School District's Professional Development Program, Peterson, D., 2011, Univ of Wisconsin-Stout, Master's Thesis, 44 pp

A Magical Journey Toward the Daily 5 Framework, Naya, T., 2010, Action Research, Birdville ISD, TX, 16 pp

How Does the Use of the Daily 5 Structure Influence Reading Scores of ELL Students?, Yackel, T.R., 2009, Univ of Washington, Master's Thesis, 54 pp.

Collaborative Action Research: The Daily Five, Cilia-Duncan, J. 2008, Walden Univ, Action Research. 31 pp


Effective Strategies

All Daily 5 and CAFE practices are emblematic of effective strategies related to achievement. See Hattie, J, 2009. 

Daily 5 and CAFE Strategies and Effect Sizes Table

Daily 5 and CAFE Strategies and Effects Sizes Barometers of Influence Hattie, 2009



The Daily 5 and CAFE have been cited and included in numerous articles, research studies, and publications. We are including one article that came to our attention recently,5 Reasons Why Daily 5 is the Best Reading Structure Out There, by Jon Konen, a school leader in Montana.

5 Reasons Why Daily 5 is the Best Reading Structure Out There, Konen, J., 2016

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