(Dawn Shlaudeman)
1st gr. Teacher
Ketchikan, AK
United States

Hello! This will be my 24th year in teaching and I cannot wait to get started, especially since COVID 19 ended our time in school last year. I am very thankful to be sitting in my actual classroom this morning preparing for students next week!!!

A bit about myself....I began teaching in a K-8th one-room schoolhouse in my home state of Montana - LOVED it! I taught in another K-8th one-room school in another part of MT after that - LOVED it even more!!! I wish I had never left, but alas my husband entered the picture and now I live on an island in southeast Alaska. No, I do not teach in a one-room school, we are actually a good-sized district. I do however still keep in touch with a lot of my kiddos from back in the day. I am proud of each and every one of them! When I retire, I look forward to moving back home and volunteering my time to work with students who are struggling and need some extra help. I also hope to help other overwhelmed teachers in any way I can. I do also hope to travel and live once again on a ranch of my own. I want a ton of critters and I look forward to spoiling each and every one of them.

The Daily 5/Literacy Cafe` was a game-changer for me. I love what it can help me accomplish with my students each and every year. Since beginning this journey, 2 years after the book was written, I have been awed and amazed and the progress my students make in a year. ALL of my students! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us ladies!

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