About Us

Gail Boushey

Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Gail obtained her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, Child Studies and Special Education and has a Master's degree in Special Education.  Her experiences range from preschool through grade six, special education, and literacy coach. "The trusting relationship that exists between coach and colleague is the foundation for powerful change in buildings." Together, she and classroom teachers collaborate to make instruction meaningful, individualized, and successful for all students.

Gail Boushey is the co-author of the best-selling books The Daily 5: Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades; and The CAFE Book: Engaging All Students in Daily Literacy Assessment & Instruction; more than a dozen professional development DVDs; and many, many articles available on this website.

Gail is married to Doug Boushey, and is a supportive mom to three beautiful daughters as well as their family dog, Max. She is known for her quick wit and gentle ways. When not teaching or writing, you will find Gail enjoying concerts and traveling with her family, in the kitchen cooking with her ever-learning granddaughter, Hadley, or reading one of the many books she is constantly adding to her library.

“I want what every teacher wants: effective teaching methods that can adapt as things change, and to lead our children to a lifetime of learning.”  —Gail Boushey


Our Team

Allison Behne, Presenter, Instructor, Writer

Dr. Doug Boushey, Co-owner

Emily Boushey, Developer, CCPensieve

Madeline Boushey, Designer, Developer, CCPensieve, and Communications

Stephanie Nolan, Customer Service Representative

Lori Sabo, Teacher, Writer, Senior Editor

Kelli Schneider, Customer Service Representative

Tim Schroeder, General Manager, Chief Operating Officer

Janet Scott, Presenter, Classroom Design Online Seminar