5. Launch

Learn how to teach the three tasks with the support of foundation lessons and the 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence.

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5.1 Teach foundation lessons

  • Task-specific foundation lessons are taught before 10-Step launch of each task.

5.2 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence

  • Teacher uses the 10 Steps to teach, model, and practice expectations and behaviors of independence for each Daily 5 task.

5.3 Launch Math by Myself first.

  • Math by Myself is launched first to build independent problem-solving behaviors before introducing more complex tasks.

5.4 Each task is introduced in a timely manner.

  • Based on the students’ needs and the availability of materials, teacher determines which Math Daily 3 task to introduce next.
  • Teacher uses the 10 Steps and builds stamina.
  • When stamina with the subsequent task is secure, teacher continues this process when introducing the remaining tasks.

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