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Charlotte Burnham

Well, sadly I can’t find my favorite video now! I had it bookmarked before the changeover, but didn’t take the time to save my favorites…
But, the most useful video I have used again and again from this site is one where there is a “class in action”-- doing their Daily 5 while the teacher is conferring with students. I use this to show my first graders what I’m talking about when I am describing “read to self” the first time. Even though the class in the video is older, and they are engaged in more choices than we will be doing initially, it gives them a good idea of what to expect. The video really helps us build that first I-chart before I set them off on their own.
However, I do have to say that last year I got a little smarter and videotaped my own class doing just a “read to self” and have it ready for this year’s group. I’m interested in seeing if it helps them to see it be more focused, or if the other video gives them a broader goal to reach for!

Cynthia Ginn

I love your idea of making a video of your former class to show to the next year’s students. What a terrific visual to accompany the modeling and I-charts! Thanks for the idea.


I love your video idea, too. And, what a good tool to show parents (and administrators).


Is your “favorite video” the one you’re describing here? If so, I’ll look around and find it for you

Charlotte Burnham

Yes, I can’t remember its title, but it shows a 3rd or 4th grade class in action doing all of the choices.


Check to see if this is the one you’re looking for . . .

Charlotte Burnham

No, that’s not the one. It didn’t have either you or Gail in it, and it didn’t focus on the teacher-student conference. It just had the videographer walking around filming the kids in action. It was only about 3 minutes long. I tried to attach my own version that I will be using as my intro to Read to Self --that was inspired by the video we are searching for to see if that would help, but it seems that I can’t upload a QuickTime video on this site. Bummer!
Thanks for you help!


I’ll keep looking

Donna Endsley

I’m sorry your video is not available as well. I have heard that the videos on this site are quite useful. Is there some reason they are not here? Has it been moved somewhere else? I’m such a visual learner. The more “live” situations I see, the better I understand. I hope we can encourage more videos!


Really, all the videos from before are here on the updated site. They may be in a different spot, but you should be able to find them by using the search tool

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