I have recently been challenged to defend my classroom design. My administration feel that my design is flawed for a few reasons: 1. they feel students need a single place to call their own to help reduce anxiety 2. Sight lines they feel I should be able to see all students at all times (no cozy corners to read in) What I am looking for is research on this topic. I feel my classroom routines keep students centered on learning and that students need different types of places to complete their work and read their books.






Sorry I haven’t replied as so yet. Have you looked at the information here on the website? I’ll also send you links to a couple of research articles.


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If you google “elementary classroom design”, you’ll see lots of other references.

Anita Hamm

Thanks for the article suggestions and yes I have read all I can find on this topic I can find on The Daily 5 site.
The articles were interesting but I have a grade 2/3 split and they focused mainly on secondary spaces.


I knew the focus was on secondary spaces, but thought the research might help ;). Did you try googling elementary classroom design? I think you’ll find lots of support for your cause.

vicki vonzuben

I can’t find where to start a new topic or ask a question on the board. I need to know where the chart for ‘Where to sit in room’. I see it mentioned on p. 119 of 2006 edition but can’t find a page reference. Thanks.


To answer your question about adding a new topic, on the far left hand side, there is s drop-down menu that probably shows “All categories”. If you click there, you’ll see a list of areas to choose from. Then, in the right in the top corner, you should see a tab that says: +Topic. Try it, and see if it will work for you.


May I ask a bit more about the chart you mention? (I don’t have my book at home)
Is this a chart for the teacher to prepare of his/her room, or is it one for the students to view?

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