I remember at the seminar hearing about a list of books that could be used with mini lessons or to launch a CAFE topic but now my brain is mush. Any thoughts where this might be or does anyone have books they routinely use to launch different menu aspects?







Here’s a link on the website to lots of lit lessons that can be used for multiple strategies.
There is also another topic here on the Discussion Board that has just gotten started about teacher suggestions for books for specific strategies. There is an arrow to click on to the right of the message you see that will take you to the full discussion.

What's YOUR all-time FAV book for teaching a particular strategy?

Great - I had never heard of those last two books! Thank you! Hope more suggestions are coming.

Erin Long

I came across something under “book look”…had a list of books w/suggested strategies.

Joan Moser

You can also go to the Interactive CAFE menu,
and find books and lessons for each of the strategies.

Kathleen Stidham

My problem with books for the focus lessons is that I don’t have easy access to many that are in the lists. But, knowing what I want to teach and knowing what is in my classroom, I scan the lit-lessons for a book that is recommended on the strategy I need and then select a comparable book. I also know that in a pinch I can pick up almost any book at almost any level and model a strategy for the kids. That comes with practice, and the more I try, the better I get!


Kathleen~~what you just said is the perfect way to use the Lit Lessons, Book Looks and Focus Lessons!! I agree that many of the books discussed here were not on my “favorites” list, but they did give me ideas on how to build those lessons using my go-to books.
As you also said, we get better at our craft of teaching with practice. I love the words from one of my first graders (after I said for the upteenth time–“I love this book”), “I guess you love books like us–everyone is different and everyone is special.” Out of the mouth of babes

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