Wisdom Found in End of Year Read Alouds


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Debbie Myers

Choosing just one book to read aloud at the end of the year was impossible, so I chose eight! After I read each book aloud, I give my readers a few quiet minutes to think about the story and write messages to themselves. When they finish, I share the message I’d like them to take with them from me. At the very end, they will turn the paper over to see messages from their entire team of teachers. (My teaching team is the best!!!)

Our hope is that students keep this paper in a safe place and use the messages to keep themselves moving in a forward direction next year. Transitioning from middle school to high school can be challenging, but maybe it will be a little easier when they reread their own words of wisdom as well as the words of wisdom we all shared with them. At least, that’s the hope!

Books I use: 




Click on the book cover to learn more about each. Note: If you purchase one of these books from the link, we may earn a small commission. 

Recording form:

Final note from teachers:   


Debbie Myers teaches 8th grade readers in Hershey, PA. She loves helping students fall in love with reading and writing. It is also her hope, wish, and dream that her work will motivate and inspire other educators to motivate and inspire their own readers and writers to love reading and writing.

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