What to Write About: Two Teachers Share


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In this video, Jane Brammer shares a strategy that can be used for many students who have a difficult time coming up with something to write about.

Watch and Listen

Jane outlines the steps she takes to help students get their ideas down, from rehearsing the writing and counting the words to drawing a line for each word so the student can then focus on sounding the words. Is this a strategy you might use with your students?

Janet Scott reminds us that older students could take photos of something they did and scroll through them as a jumping-off point for what to write about. Do you have students who could benefit from this strategy? How might you tweak it to meet the needs of your students?


  • What is your go-to strategy when you are choosing writing topics? Could this help you too?
  • Try this yourself. Take a photo, bring it in, and model writing about it.

Essential Element

Launch 5.1 Teach foundation lessons for work on writing, what to write about.

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