Welcome the Butterflies


Carol Moehrle

Butterflies: those beautiful insects that flutter and float and glide through the air. Their colors are stunning and their motions graceful.

But what about the butterflies we get in our stomachs? They send a sensation of nerverousness and anxiety. Do they cause the emotional distress or does the emotional distress cause the butterflies?

Next time you feel those butterflies, or flutters of anxiety, just refocus your thoughts on the beauty of the wings and know that they are a sign of deep feelings and positive energy.

The butterfly transformation is beautiful, and the results are magical. If we consider those internal butterflies to also be magical, we realize that when they occur, we too are in a state of transformation, and that's something we should celebrate. Celebrate the magic and the intensity of the emotions you are feeling.  

As we search for the butterflies in our world and recognize their beauty, we will come to welcome them physically and emotionally as they awaken the energy and magic within us.

Welcome the butterflies.


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