Tools for Surviving Each Day


Carol Moehrle

The tools you need for daily living are often not high-tech. Although we rely on our technology devices to help us communicate and reach others, we have our own internal tools for dealing with stress and surviving each day.

We have become accustomed to having resources and tools ready for natural disasters. Those of us living in earthquake areas have backpacks and supplies ready and available. Those in tornado areas know what procedures to follow to remain safe. We practice with these tools and work with our students in case of such emergencies.

Outside of a natural disaster, what tools do you have available for daily use? What tools do you use for a classroom full of inattentive students? What tools do you use to calmly control an overcrowded classroom after a holiday break?

Here’s a toolbox of ideas for you to use as resources every day:

  • A calm attitude
  • Kind words
  • Reassuring smiles
  • Deep breaths
  • Positive guidance to others
  • Self-love

Use your natural, internal toolbox to survive each day.


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