Success in Life


Carol Moehrle

Are you successful? Many of us would immediately respond by saying no but then step back and look at our world to see where we think we’ve had some success. I would argue that each of us is successful, every day, in many ways.

According to a quote by Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

If you are drawn to a career you are passionate about, chances are you like what you do. So according to the quote above, you are successful.

If you like what you do, you probably like how you do it, at least most of the time—another way in which you’re successful. As teachers, your passion for children and education draws you to the classroom each day. You love education, which helps you be successful in your career and in life.

Sometimes the most difficult aspect of success is liking yourself. We tend to be critical of ourselves and our actions. We may be quick to praise others for work well done but remain hesitant to praise ourselves for our daily efforts. Liking yourself is an important part of being successful. Each day offer yourself a positive comment or praise yourself for successfully making it through another day. Lift the critical critique and like yourself for who you are and what you accomplish.

Succeed in life by liking yourself first.


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