Student-Led Conference Documents


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We have always enjoyed meeting with parents to discuss their children's strengths and goals.  A few years ago we did some brainstorming and researching and decided to try student-led conferences. It was spring, and our students were excited to show their learning, progress, and projects to their parents. We were hooked from the very first conference. These were powerful sharing sessions, led by the child while we supported alongside. There was an excitement and engagement that just hadn't existed when we sat across from parents, reporting on a child's learning while the child sat at home. 

Student-led conferences are now a mainstay for parent conferences.   

Following are some of the documents we use to inform parents, ready students, and ensure that important information is shared. If you are considering or are already participating in student-led conferences, you might find them useful as well. The documents are attached in PDF format below.

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