Start the School Year with Survival Techniques


Carol Moehrle

The start of a new school year evokes many emotions for students, parents, and teachers. Some may be entering a new classroom or even a new school. Teachers all over the world prepare for the beginning of the school year and the changes and challenges that everyone faces.

We always hear about how students get ready for the new year, and the adjustments they have to make. We hear from parents about how excited they are to have their children back in school and back in a regular routine. But we seldom hear about the teachers and the adjustments they face with each new school year.

Teachers prepare for the start of each new year by readying rooms and preparing lesson plans. Supplies are purchased, and many plans come together to make the start of the year wonderful. Exciting, new thoughts and ideas are woven into challenging and sensitive lessons that stir enthusiasm and creativity in students.

Unless you are a teacher, you don’t understand or appreciate the amount of energy it takes to prepare for the start of school and get through the first weeks. The first weeks of school are energizing and exhausting for teachers. As teachers, what do you do to survive these weeks? Do you have survival techniques that help you maintain your energy through the start of the year and all year long? Here are some of my favorite survival techniques for teachers:

  • Roll your shoulders and neck. Pay attention to your shoulders. As you become stressed, your shoulders and neck become tight. This can lead to headaches and additional stress. At least three times a day, roll your shoulders to keep them relaxed.
  • Take deep breaths. Every hour, take five deep breaths and while exhaling focus on being calm and letting your body relax.
  • Drink more water. Environmental and psychological stress depletes the body of water. Being well hydrated is necessary for stress release and for preventing mental and physical fatigue.

Start the school year with survival techniques to help you all year long.


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