Small Group Vocabulary Work–Tune In to Interesting Words


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One secret to expanding vocabulary is to tune in to interesting words. In this video, Joan and Carrie, a K-2 teacher, meet with a small group of students. Together they learn and practice the strategy of paying attention to words that are interesting or unique and then using prior knowledge and context to figure out the meaning of the word.

The selected text is a poem. Poetry can be a great resource for teaching strategies. These students are reading at different independent levels, but are able to learn and practice a needed strategy together on an easily accessed text. They will take their new skill to their independent practice at their various levels.

By writing the group's name down in their calendars for tomorrow, Joan and Carrie use the conferring notebook or pensieve to make an appointment with this group for the next day. Since this is a new skill for this group, checking back quickly will help to review and reinforce their learning.


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