Slow the Body, Calm the Mind, Nurture the Spirit


Carol Moehrle

Finding a balance between hurry-and-go mode and calm regeneration can sometimes be difficult. Because of this internal tug-of-war, we put ourselves into a routine or sequence of events that places us on autopilot. We feel comfortable here because we don’t have to make changes or figure out how to balance yet another demand. We feel protected from outside influences because we feel safe here, in our routines.

Our routines can perpetuate our stress by keeping us stuck in the same patterns that can cause us stress. If we have not built calm, relaxation, and fun into our routines, then the opportunities to manage our stressors become fewer.

Take a step out of your routine and decide if it is helping you balance work and play, stress and relaxation. Is your routine built only around getting through your workday? Have you built in time for yourself? Consider building easy stress relievers into your busy day, like taking deep breaths or rolling your shoulders. Listen to your favorite music, or repeat a positive affirmation. When we build calming activities into our routines, our bodies and minds respond with calming, healing energy.

To be healthy and happy, we must make sure we take time to slow the body, calm the mind, and nurture the spirit.


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