Sing in the Shower


Carol Moehrle

When I was younger I used to sing in the shower. Now I make life decisions in there. 

This quote made me realize that I don’t spend enough time singing in the shower. In fact, I have a hard time remembering the last time I belted out a favorite song with no one listening. I love the times when the warm water has the calming effect of washing away the stress of the day. But too often my brain is overworking and unable to enjoy this special time.

I realize it’s a balance, because oftentimes my thoughts seem to be clearer and more concise when I’m in that warm shower. Maybe it’s because of the opportunity to be alone to think, with only the sound of the water. Like some people, I have made life decisions in the shower. I’ve made budget decisions and mentally written letters of termination. I’ve written eulogies and practiced presentation materials. I’ve developed speeches and apologies while being soothed by the warm water. I’ve taken myself way too seriously and ignored the opportunities for calm, quiet relaxation.

I need to find a balance between thinking time and singing time. It’s hard to be consumed by daily stresses when you are singing out loud.

Starting today, I’m giving myself permission to sing in the shower.


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