Reviewing Good-Fit Books


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This is the perfect time of year to teach or review how to choose a good-fit book. Why? We want our students to be able to find a good book wherever they are: at the public library, at a bookstore, or on the shelves at home. We continue to review this lesson throughout the year as children progress in their reading and their life knowledge increases.

After the whole-group lesson on I-PICK and choosing good-fit books, I checked in with these third-grade students.

Listen and Watch

Caleb reveals that when he reads a book over and over, he starts to get bored. This was a new realization for him.

When RJ used I-PICK to evaluate the books in his box, he got new clarity about some of his choices. Notice that we don’t deny him No, David! If easy books are highly engaging, they can be a great fit.

Take note of how engaged and excited these students are as they learn to self-select books to read independently.


What would you say are the benefits of teaching children how to choose good-fit books, and when do you teach it to your students?

When do you make time to ask students about their books?

These videos were taken on my phone and could easily be texted to parents. Have you considered doing something similar to show what your children are working on?

Daily 5 and CAFE Essential Elements

Prepare—4.1 Students need an appropriate number of good-fit books.


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