Personalized Book Boxes


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To build reading stamina and skills, students need access to lots of books.  Our beginning readers need something to hold 8-10 books at a time. We typically use book boxes. We have acquired book boxes in many ways. We have put them on our supply list, purchased them ourselves, written a grant, asked our PTA, and we've even using plastic bags.

If you are looking for an inexpensive solution that will last one year, consider these.

These book boxes can be purchased at IKEA or an office supply store for less than a dollar each. They are cardboard and come standard white. Personalizing them would be a perfect project for the first week of school. Beth Lawson had her students cut out and glue favorite pictures from magazines to uniquely decorate.

There are endless ways to personalize the boxes. Here are two tips. Using wide clear tape, cut about twenty inches of tape and secure it to the bottom of the box. This will reinforce the bottom giving the box more strength and should extend the life of the box. And finally, add a picture and/or name to the front of the box. Even though it will be very unique, it is helpful to know whose it is when it lies stranded around the room.


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