Carol Moehrle

Obstacles, oh those obstacles! We all seem to run into them on the road to achieving our goals. Sometimes their size and shape seem overwhelming. They block not only your road but the view of where you are heading.

People tend to deal with an obstacle in different ways. They fret and worry and let it block their way, they try to move or go around it to find a new path, or they consider it part of a new adventure and know that tomorrow, that obstacle won’t be quite the same.

How do you deal with obstacles that pop up in your life? Have you ever considered that they are there for a positive purpose? Is there an unknown meaning in the obstacles that divert you from your path?

No one can fully understand the daily challenges you go through. Your challenges are partly based on your feelings and interpretations at the time they occur. Next time you come across a large obstacle in your life, try taking a deep breath, stepping back, and looking deep within yourself to see if you can find an adventure. If you wait until the next day, you may find something positive in this obstacle.

One thing for sure: obstacles are seldom as large tomorrow as they are today.


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