Making Lists


Carol Moehrle

Are you a list maker? Do you write lists to remind yourself what you need to do that day, week, or month? Do you make grocery lists? Do you put goals and outcomes on your lists? What’s on your to-do list? Daily tasks and errands? Home projects?

Many people take great pleasure in marking off the items they have accomplished. It can be satisfying and fulfilling to see them checked off with a big red check mark.

If you are a list maker, I challenge you to also keep a “to-be” list. A list to remind you of the thoughts and actions you need to cultivate for the day or week or month. A list of attributes that you strive to emulate in your daily life.

Consider these as starters for your own “to-be” list: Be gracious, be kind. Be prepared, be ready, be organized. Be thoughtful, be considerate. Be positive, be thankful. Be happy, be cheerful. Be confident, be strong. Be resilient!

Keep your to-do list, but also start a to-be list. You will be surprised by how your to-be list makes you feel better about accomplishing your to-do list.


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