Make a Picture or Mental Image—Whole-Group Lesson


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By modeling and thinking aloud, Hollie Gebhardt teaches her students the strategy “Make a picture or mental image.” She gives them an opportunity to practice as she reads a poem, stopping periodically so they can make their own mental images or “movies,” share with the class, and get some feedback.

Listen and Watch

  • Hollie says that the secret to making a picture or mental image is to use the details in the story. One of her students uses some of the details to create a mental movie that is not supported in the poem. Listen to Hollie’s feedback.
  • Hollie asks students to share their mind movies and ends with, “Why did you see _____ in your mind?” She directs the students back to the author and the text to check for accuracy.


  • What text might you use to teach the same strategy?
  • How might you ask your students to practice this strategy and provide a structure for them to give feedback to one another?
  • Would you consider using this video to teach and reinforce this strategy with the students you teach? Why or why not?

Essential Element

CAFE Instruction
8.1 Identify needs of students based on assessments and determine instructional setting
8.2 Brain compatible lessons are 5–10 minutes in length
8.7 Modify instruction as needed

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