The Magic of a Good Book


Carol Moehrle

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be totally absorbed in a good book? If you can’t remember, then it is way past time to allow yourself the time and comfort of a good read.

We all read, every day. We read the newspaper, either the paper version or online. We read e-mails and Facebook posts. We read signs, and we read memos from others. Yes, these count as reading, but they are not magical.

Magical reading is the reading that pulls you in and allows you to become absorbed in the sights, sounds, and smells of the story.

What a wonderful way to put aside your stress and concerns: by being totally absorbed in reading a good book. What a wonderful, magical experience to be transported to the time and location of the story, to feel and sense the activity and emotions from the words written on paper. 

I admire and appreciate those who can write words that bring magic to the reader. You are true magicians who bring the portable magic of your words into the books we love so much.

Don’t let our world of technology and cryptic messages replace the reading of a good book. Give yourself permission to get absorbed in the magic of a book. Let yourself float on the portable magic that the words bring to us, and then share that magic with someone else.

Read a good book for your health! The magic will change your life in many positive ways.


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