Learning to Compare and Contrast


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Hollie Gebhardt introduces the strategy of Compare and Contrast. She uses a definition of comparing that includes both similarities and differences.

Listen and Watch

Some teachers stick to the idea that comparing refers to noticing similarities, whereas contrasting focuses on differences. Either way you go, you’ll enjoy watching Hollie introduce this to her students with the book Penguins! Strange and Wonderful by Laurence Pringle.

  • Would you consider using this video, letting Hollie model this strategy for your class?
  • Notice how Hollie links this strategy to understanding what the reader reads.


  • How might you demonstrate the use of Compare and Contrast? Would you use a Venn diagram? 
  • Hollie leaves students with the idea of comparing and contrasting characters, settings, and different books. What else might you compare and contrast?

Essential Elements:

CAFE Framework 1.2 Brain-compatible focus lessons

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