Kamala and Maya's Big Idea by Meena Harris


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Shandreka Rankin

Kamala and Maya's Big Idea explores what can happen when children are allowed to wonder and come up with big ideas, and get the opportunity to change the world around them. The two sisters featured in this text dream of improving their neighborhood, and are challenged with persuading the adults around them to help. With determination and creativity, they are able to pull the community together to create something useful for the whole neighborhood.

Strategies Instruction Possibilities


  • Set a purpose for reading.
  • Ask questions throughout the reading process.


  • Use picture clues.


  • Read texts that are a good fit.

Expand Vocabulary

  • Tune in to interesting words.
  • Ask someone to define the word for you.

Bonus!  Writing: 

Do you have a BIG IDEA? What is something you would like to change in your world? What or who would you need to get started? Writing down your ideas can help with thinking through the details before sharing with someone else.

● Brainstorm: What would you like to create or change in your community?

● Timeline: Think about the work needed for this project. What steps will be needed to make it happen? When would you like it completed?

● Resources: Who or what will be needed to complete this project? How will you ask for help? How will you raise money if funding is needed?

● Problem/Solution: Kamala and Maya did not take no for an answer. How will you get others to get involved and care about this project as much as you and your team?

  • When things get challenging, how will you stay encouraged to keep going?

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