Holding Students Accountable for Reading Goals


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This must watch video features Pam meeting with Connor, a sixth grader. Quickly we see that Connor has not finished his assignment of sticky noting what he understood about his reading. Pam begins the process of holding him accountable for reading and for staying in one spot. Together they come up with a plan. As Connor leaves to start his work, Gail joins Pam to debrief the conference. Pam reflects on what she knows about Connor and how she plans to support him.


Fun update:

Gail and Lori were on their way to work in a school in Enumclaw, Washington, when they stopped for coffee. They had a wonderful barista whose smile and attention to each person made Gail consider him carefully. He seemed familiar. Then she realized it was Connor! He is working at Starbucks and taking online college classes. His goal is to become a firefighter. We asked if we could share his photo with all of you, and he was quick to give his permission.

We don't always get to see how our investment in students pays off. Yet everything we pour into them helps build their future selves. What a delightful surprise to see the wonderful young man Connor has become. 

It is also a joyful reminder that we've been using this system and structure for a long time. It worked years ago, and it is still working in powerful ways today to help us meet each student where they are and take them as far as they can go. 



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