The Gift of a New Day


Carol Moehrle

How thankful I am that each new day starts with a morning to cherish. I am an early riser, so I have the privilege of witnessing the morning evolution from dark to light. I also love mornings, so anticipating the magic of a new day is like a miracle for me.

I love the effortless transition when the horizon is just beginning to show signs of daylight. The colors of the sky before the sun emerges can vary in shades and hues from silver and blue to pink and orange. Each day is like a new present, and I anticipate it with excitement as it is unwrapped by daylight.

What if we thought of each new workday with the same anticipation? What if we felt it was a privilege to watch each new workday unfold and transition? Rather than dread what might come with the day, what if we anticipated it like a gift? Because truly, each new day is full of surprises, like a gift.

Before you drift off to sleep each night, remind yourself that a present will be awaiting you in the morning: a new, beautiful day. If we anticipate each morning with excitement and wonder, our days will start with joy and eagerness, and those positive feelings will carry us through each day.

Celebrate the gift of each new day. It will set a new, positive tone for your life.


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