Finding Your Comfort Zone


Carol Moehrle

Research shows that constantly feeling rushed could have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. On the other hand, studies suggest that having nothing to do can take its toll on your health and happiness. too. So, where is the happy medium? Where do you find the balance between rushing and doing nothing?

Each of us must find our personal comfort zone—the pace that feels comfortable to us. It may be that you are full of energy and run circles around others or push yourself to new limits. Or, it could be that your comfort level means you take life a little more slowly. Perhaps you prefer some downtime to read, listen to music, and relax. Both options are perfect if they fit your comfort zone.

Somewhere on the search for your comfort zone, you figure out where you feel happiest and most productive. You are comfortable just where you are. Life is full of different tempos, and you orchestrate your own rhythm and pace.

Finding your comfort zone will bring you to a healthy mental and physical balance.


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