Don’t Bother Me; I’m Daydreaming


Carol Moehrle

How often do you take a break from life and daydream? We create many of our goals and aspirations while we daydream. Daydreaming can be a temporary escape from life’s stress. You know the feeling: eyes wide open, often just gazing into the distance, mind unengaged in the conversations around you. The noise of the TV or music or kids goes silent for a few seconds. This state of daydreaming is an escape from your surroundings, if only for a brief moment. It can bring a smile to your face and a lightheartedness or carefree attitude to your day.

Some think that daydreams can be visionary since we often daydream about pleasant things we would like in our lives. If we think about these things often enough, we may put the energy into making them come true.

What is often thought to be a waste of time and a detachment from reality can actually be a healthy use of our imagination and a healthy distraction from the stressors of daily life.

It’s okay to give yourself a few moments each day to daydream. Let your daydreams be about happy, healthy, calm, and positive events. Let your mind float on a quiet calmness that brings you happiness and smiles.

Don’t bother me right now; I’m daydreaming!


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