Daily 5 Schoolwide? Two Principals Share


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We are going to let two principals answer this question.  

Mindy Reid is a PreK–5 principal in Bethlehem, Georgia.  You'll quickly see that she is passionate about creating a culture that instills a deep love of literacy.  Here are the top 10 reasons she loves the structure of Daily 5, the CAFE system, and the philosophy behind them.   

The Top 10 Reasons This Principal Loves Daily 5 and CAFE by Mindy Reid


Jessica Johnson has nearly ten years experience as an elementary principal in rural Wisconsin and was honored to be WI Elementary Principal of the Year in 2014. She has also served as an assistant principal, instructional coach, and teacher in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as a teacher in northern Minnesota. She shares the joys of going school-wide with Daily 5 and CAFE and is frank about the mistake they made.  

Daily 5 Schoolwide by Jessica Johnson


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