ConferringNotebook: Sharing Students


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The sharing feature within, which allows for conferring information to be shared in real-time, with other members of your choosing. By sharing a student with another teacher, they can be virtually part of each teaching session that takes place with that student. Once notes from a conference are saved, they become available for all the teachers who share the student on the students conferring page. Each session is also clearly labeled with who saved it.

Shared students are displayed on the home screen below the teacher's classroom students organized by their classroom teacher.

Share a student with another teacher who has a ConferringNotebook Premium membership, all you need is their membership email address. Once shared, the student's name will appear in that teacher's shared students list. The new teacher can then view the student's past conferring sessions, as well as create new conferring sessions. The shared teacher can edit and delete only the conferring sessions they have created. They have the ability to create as many conferring sessions with the student as they would like.

This sharing feature of ConferringNotebook is completely unique to this program and allows for the ultimate in curricular coherence.

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