Daily 5 and CAFE Intensive for Instructional Coaches

Get the tools you need to support teachers using Daily 5 and CAFE.

Join a community of teacher leaders to study, collaborate, and build capacity on the theory and brain research underlying the Daily 5 structure and CAFE literacy system of assessment and instruction.

This 12-week intensive online seminar presents the why and how of Daily 5 and CAFE, along with effective coaching strategies to support instructional leaders as they transfer their learning to the educators they work with daily.

  • Build individual knowledge and expertise of the Daily 5 structure and CAFE literacy system
  • Gain confidence to coach teachers on their Daily 5 and CAFE practice
  • Exclusive opportunities to converse with other coaches through an online discussion board
  • Receive live feedback straight from The Daily CAFE team on your coaching

*This is not a trainer of trainers. This course is for instructional coaches to learn how to lead their staff towards successful implementation of Daily 5 and CAFE.

The session beginning March 29 is full.

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Attendance at the Daily 5 Framework and CAFE Literacy System live workshops is a requirement for this course.
Pricing reflects this requirement. 


If both live workshops have been taken. 



Includes participation at one live workshop—Daily 5 or CAFE



Includes participation in both live workshops—Daily 5 and CAFE



Intensive includes:

  • 12 weeks of online content including:
    • webinars
    • articles
    • videos
    • assignments, and 
    • live online coaching sessions.



Schedule and Curriculum

Week 1—Introduction and theory 

Week 2—Coaching and working with teachers

Week 3—Daily 5 theory

Week 4—Daily 5 tasks, 10 Steps to Independence

Week 5—Choice, Behavior Strategies

Week 6—Gradual Release: Coaching Daily 5

Week 7—CAFE Theory

Week 8—CAFE Menu, Conferring Notebook

Week 9—Setting goals, Conferring

Week 10—Whole and small group instruction

Week 11—Gradual Release: Coaching CAFE

Week 12—Curriculum/standards, Goal setting, Next Steps

  • We are excited to offer a pathway for coaches to expand their Daily 5 and CAFE knowledge, grow in their craft, and collaborate with colleagues to improve student achievement.
    Gail Boushey

The session beginning March 29 is full.

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