Children's Book Week—Book Reviews


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Children's Book Week (May 6-12, 2024) is a national celebration in the United States that aims to promote literacy and the joy of reading among children and young adults. During this week-long event, schools, libraries, and bookstores organize activities and events to highlight the importance of children's literature and encourage a lifelong love of reading. 

Two ways to highlight books for your students are:

  • Teacher Book Talks—teachers share books they enjoy, providing a summary or tease of the plot, and "bless the book" for students to read in the future.
  • Peer Book Reviews—peer reviews provide authentic recommendations and insights from peers, which are relatable and engaging. This creates a sense of curiosity and excitement about the books being reviewed. Peer reviews can be a verbal recommendation through group sharing, or through a written review posted in the classroom library or even placed inside the cover of the recommended book. 


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