Check Your Pilot Light


Carol Moehrle

Is your internal pilot light on?  

We all have an internal pilot light. When was the last time you checked yours?

You know that pilot light from your gas stove, but what about your own internal pilot light? You will recognize it as that little light that continuously glows so you can activate a much larger energy source whenever you need it.  

Sometimes that pilot light can be an indicator light that all is well. Sometimes it can remind us to check the energy source and see if it's adequate to continue helping us function.

We need our pilot light lit and functioning so we have instant access to the flame that gives us positive energy and emotions. If our light is dim or out, our positive energy and passion are also dim and a new fire needs to be built to restart the light. 

People with a continuously positive attitude are ones who maintain their pilot light with an active flame. Don't ignore your pilot light. Maintain that continuous flame so you can instantly ignite a new passion at any time. Use your pilot light to kindle a positive attitude toward life.                 



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