Check for Understanding–Thinking Aloud for Students


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Gail was reading with a first grader named Ben. He read beautifully, with precise intonation and prosody, perfect rate and flawless accuracy. It couldn't have sounded better. Gail was so excited about his progress that she couldn't wait to celebrate with his teacher.

She finished up the conference by asking Ben to tell her about what he just read. He looked up at her quizzically and said, "I didn't know you wanted me to think about what I was reading, I just thought you wanted me to read."

We may assume students know the many idiosyncrasies involved in everyday reading and find out differently when we probe a little bit. In this video clip, Janet models the strategy, "Remember What I just Read".

Any time we are tempted to think this strategy is unnecessary, we will think about Ben and recall the importance of showing children that they need to stop and think about their reading and then remember it.


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