CAFE Strategy in Action: Recognize Literary Elements


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Hollie Gebhardt continues to work with Reece, a third grader, on identifying the main character in his book. Her conferring follows the structure of the instructional protocol.

Hollie and Reece had been working on this strategy in a small group. When Reece started reading his book, however, he could find only the character indicated by the first-person pronoun I, and he was not sure who the main character was. So Hollie dismissed the group and worked one-on-one with Reece to support him. Listen in as they identify characters, discuss the importance of this reading strategy, and decide on next steps.

In this video, you may hear another teacher working with a group of students in the background. But that doesn’t bother Hollie and Reece, who have learned to tune in to the work right in front of them.

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