A Big School-Entry Reveal


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Notes: In the first video below, Janet Scott takes us on a tour of the entryway in their school, Issaquah Valley Elementary. The school’s staff identified a need to create a welcoming environment for students, families, and their community. Watch this “before” video and see if your school may have similar needs. You may have seen this video on our Facebook page. The second video takes a quick look around the entry as Janet tells us how and why the changes occurred, and we see and experience the final product, a welcoming place for all.

What to watch and listen for:

  • What is the biggest change you see between the before and after videos?
  • List all the changes Janet explains that made their school more welcoming.
  • Listen for the reasons why this school wanted to make changes.


  • Janet said they asked for help and donations. Who might be helpful for your projects?
  • What is one thing you already do to make your classroom and/or school more welcoming?
  • What will you do to make your school or classroom more welcoming for students and parents?





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