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When it comes to book holders, we have many choices: boxes, tubs, bags, and more. Before purchasing, here are a few things to consider.

  • Once students are reading mostly chapter books, they don’t need a container to hold multiple books. These students can easily take one to three books with them when they read to self.
  • Students who are reading emergent-level and picture books need a container that holds 8–10 of them so that they will have enough books to successfully stay in one spot and read the whole time.
  • Durability: Some boxes will last only a year, whereas others can be used for three years or more.
  • Cost: Containers can be as inexpensive as 99 cents each (or even free, if you use cereal boxes). In terms of durability and life expectancy, we tend to get what we pay for.
  • Size: Keep in mind the size of the books your students will be storing and whether other items such as a reading response journal or writer’s notebook will be included.
  • Location: Where will the containers be stored? Next to a desk, in a bookcase, or along the floor next to the gathering area? The place you plan to store them will help determine which choice will best fit your space.

See a variety of choices below:

1. These book bins are sturdy, come in many colors, and are durable enough for many years of use.

2. These multiyear bins are a little higher in the back, giving them the potential for greater stability.

3. Students can personalize these magazine file holders and take them home for the summer. Fortify the bottoms with heavy tape to keep books from falling out.

4. Also cardboard, these magazine file holders will be good for one year.

5. These plastic baskets hold bigger books as well as a three-ring binder. They do take up more space in the classroom.


6. This is a sturdy, plastic, file folder bin comes in one color.

7.  Ziploc Freezer Bags work especially well for older students who have two or three books going at a time.

Don’t see something you like yet? Check out the wonderful variety at Really Good Stuff and Lakeshore Learning.

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