5 Steps to Help Boost Self-Esteem


Carol Moehrle

As adults, we know that part of our job is to build the self-esteem of the children around us. Building self-esteem helps give them the resilience they need to face each day and the challenges that arise.

How’s your self-esteem? Sometimes we are so focused on others that we don’t take a personal look at ourselves. Building and maintaining self-esteem is critical to how we express our feelings and deal with emotions. Self-esteem comes from the inside and makes us feel secure. This security starts with our positive “self-talk.”

When our self-esteem is high, natural confidence follows. We aren’t afraid to express our feelings or show our emotions. We are confident in our own decisions and how we deal with the consequences.

We all have times when we need to boost our self-esteem. Try these five tips to give yourself a boost.

  1. Start each day with positive self-talk. Repeat to yourself, I am positive. I will make the best of this day.
  2. Surround yourself with others who are positive.
  3. Don’t get dragged down by negativity. Brush it off and keep going.
  4. Love yourself.
  5. Give yourself permission to be confident in your decisions.

We must build and maintain our own self-esteem before we can help those around us build theirs. Start building today.


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