2021-2022 Calendars


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The first section of the conferring notebook is for organizing and planning our time with the entire class. This is where we note on the calendar when we will confer with individual students and small groups.  Adding their name to the calendar ensures that we don't forget our promise to meet with them.

The calendar is crucial for keeping track of the commitments we've made to individual children and for making sure we aren't overcommitted throughout the week. It raises accountability for teachers and students in ways that are almost immeasurable. Because of this, we designed calendars for the 2020-2021 school year for those who use a paper conferring notebook. Feel free to print these for yourself. 

Want to see what else is in our conferring notebook? Take a look at how we set them up.  

Ready to go digital? The ConferringNotebook includes a calendar and much more to keep you organized and ready for meaningful conferring sessions. 

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