4. Materials

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4.1 Choice of what to read using I-PICK

  • Teacher introduces concept of I-PICK (purpose, interest, comprehend, know).
  • Students choose good-fit books using these criteria.
  • Teacher records title of book in conferring notebook during individual conference, checking for good fit.

4.2 Students need an appropriate number of good-fit books.

  • Beginning readers may have 8–10 good-fit books.
  • Advanced readers may have one–three good-fit books.

4.3 Students may have a vessel to hold their books.

  • Readers need good-fit material with them during each session to stay in one spot, work the whole time, and advance their reading practice.
  • Options include a book box, handled bag, zippered plastic baggie, and more.

4.4 Reading materials are available to students

  • The goal is to have 1000+ high-interest, high-quality books available to students.
  • Students have the opportunity to visit the school library at least once a week (during Daily 5/literacy block time or other times of the day).

4.5 Working Notebook

  • A notebook used to collect choice writing done during Work on Writing, strategy work and examples, reflections on literature, records of reading, and so on
  • Each notebook contains work specific to individual student needs.

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