New Student–Ideas for Success

We always celebrate the arrival of a new student! We truly believe that if they were placed in our room it's because we need them and they need us! New students provide a perfect and often timely opportunity to review, with a purpose, what we are all about. We pour back over our Daily 5 I-Charts" teaching our new student the skills that will make them successfully independent in our rooms and to provide everyone else an opportunity to fine tune their skills and stamina.

Another idea we got from Donna, a teacher at Gail's school, was to gather the new students into a small group while the class was out doing Daily 5. This group worked though the 10 Steps to Teaching Independence, practicing each step together and then practicing with the rest of the class. This allows the rest of the class to continue their learning while building our new students knowledge of Daily 5 and stamina for reading and writing.

We also realize that it can be difficult for a new student to find a niche in our already established community. For the first few days, we assign a "Daily 5 Buddy" to guide them through our routines and procedures. Sometimes it's a different buddy for each subject, sometimes it's a new buddy each day. During the Daily 5 block, the buddies do each round together. The Buddy is the model and voice in the ear explaining the ins and outs, the procedures and the behavior expectations of all students. The chart review and buddy system make the transition and assimilation go smoothly for everyone.