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Online Graduate Courses: The Daily 5, CAFE and Math Daily 3

Online Graduate Courses

This is the only academic class co-authored and endorsed by The 2 Sisters to teach The Daily 5 and CAFE system.

The 2 Sisters collaborate closely with Allison Behne and Upper Iowa University (UIU) to maintain high standards for these graduate courses. UIU is a global university and supports learners from all over the world.  Allison Behne, long-time contributor to The Daily CAFE and Assistant Professor of Education at UIU, is the course instructor.


UIU Online Course Offerings

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EDU 555: Launching Daily 5 & CAFE

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EDU 533: Math Daily 3

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Course Description

  • Participants receive intensive instruction on the Daily 5 and CAFE system or Math Daily 3, including:
  • Classroom design
  • Brain research, motivation in teaching and learning
  • Developing independence
  • Organizing student data
  • Brief and detailed focused lessons
  • Differentiation in the literacy classroom
  • Moving from assessment to instruction
  • Monitoring student progress

Course Benefits:

  • Online format
  • 8 week term
  • 3 graduate credits
  • 20 student maximum in each course allows for personalized instruction
  • Collaboration with other teachers using Daily 5, CAFE and Math Daily 3