Math Daily 3


Four Benefits of Math Journals


Here are four benefits to using journals in the math classroom. 

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Options for Math Worksheets


A question that often arises when teachers are learning about the Daily 3 structure is, What about the worksheets? 

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Introducing Math Tool Kits

Articles, Videos, Downloads

This tool kit is a great option when you have more students than you do tools or space.

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Personal Dry Erase Board Options


There are many options for providing each student with a personal-sized, dry erase board. See if one of these will work for you. 

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Math Tools


The tools/manipulatives required for Math Daily 3 will differ depending on the concepts you cover during the year. We have found three primary ways of organizing math tools to be successful.

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Roll and Mark


John Van de Walle is just one of the many math experts who has taught us the power of number recognition. In this video, you will see a math game which involves children rolling a number die and placing a marker on the corresponding square that shows the dot representation of the number


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The Math Daily is a method for structuring math time so students practice different ways of applying and learning math every day, fostering independent learning and success.

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